Kilbrandon Fund Edinburgh
Annual Report and Accounts for year ending 15 May 2022
Scottish Charity Number SCO33356

Current Committee
David Brownlee (Chair)
Cath MacNeal
David Beatson
George Fyvie
Elizabeth Graham
Howard Clough
Lynne Munro

Recruitment and appointment of Committee
All the Fund committee members are appointed or reappointed by the committee at the Annual General Meeting which is held in September/October each year.

Governing Document
The Kilbrandon Fund is a charitable unincorporated association and the purposes and administration are set out in the Fund’s governance document, which was updated and approved by OSCR in 2022

Activities and Achievements
In the year 7 applications were approved which led to 7 grants totalling £2,600 awarded to provide for children in need referred to the panel fund. The Fund supported 12 children in total during 2021/2022, Grants were used to purchase the following : musical instruments and lessons, sports clothing/shoes, gym equipment, winter clothing/shoes, a new bike, room decoration and furniture, a family caravan holiday for 5 children. These children were all part of a single parent household struggling to get by.

Income received amounted to £2,318.61, £2302.39 of which came from panel members monthly direct debit donating or donations of their expenses. Notably the fund received a generous donation of £2,050 from an individual panel member, The fund also received £16.22 from Amazon Smile contributions

Committee remuneration and expenses
The committee did not receive any remuneration or expenses during the year.

The Fund held an unrestricted total of £9,100.32 at the end of the year.

Approved by the trustees and signed on their behalf

David Brownlee, Chairperson
December 2022