Applications can be made by Social Workers, Schools or any other Professionals involved in the child's life. The child or young person concerned must be currently within the Hearing system, or have been in the Hearing system within the past 12 months
Childern's Panel Members may also make an application to the Fund on behalf of a child although Children's Hearing Scotland (CHS) have specified that mention of the Kilbrandon Fund MUST NOT be made during a Hearing, Also that Children's Panel Members MUST NOT use their ' chscotland. scot ' email address for matters relating to the Kilbrandon Fund

Grants are generally made with the aim of having a positive impact on a child’s life. See the ‘Grants’ page for some examples.

The application form can be downloaded, edited and saved using this link.

Check Annex 1 of our Governing Document for the rules – but in essence grants will be considered where funding would not be expected to be provided by other agencies (school, Social Work etc).

Get in touch with us at to make an application. Please don’t give us any personal information about the child, just provide us with a brief summary of the background, how much is required and what you hope a grant would achieve. Also please provide the name of the Social Worker, as we will communicate with them directly if and when the application has been approved by the committee.  Payment will be send directly to the local authority.


We’ll get in touch with you (and the social worker if necessary) to discuss the application and in any event will always inform you of the committee's decision

See below for some examples of how to draft your application.
  • Please consider granting £80 to purchase a sports kit for a young boy who lives with foster carers but spends at least one night a week with his older sister.  He has no clothes or sports gear (he plays football for a local team) at his sister's house which is an issue for him.  It would be very helpful if he had at least sports gear at her house which he could use when staying there.

  • A 10 year old boy is in a kinship placement with his aunt.  The aunt struggles financially as she suffers from physical problems and is therefore unable to work. The boy's mother is currently homeless and leads a chaotic life and her attendance at contact is inconsistent. He is a child who particularly enjoys art and craft activities. His aunt provides him with a good level of care but her budget does not stretch to extra activities. SW have identified an appropriate arts and crafts course during the summer holidays and request a grant of £200 to fund this.

  • A 13 year old girl who is on a CSO lives with her aunt as her parents have been unable to care for her.  Her mother is in poor health.   With a lot of support from social work, her aunt has been able to provide a stable and supportive home and things are going well, however, money is very tight.   The young girl works hard at school and is talented at drama.   A school trip away with the opportunity to attend a show would provide a rare treat and reward for working hard through the difficulties she has faced in the past. £250 requested.

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