24 Feb

* LP is a 10 year old boy living with his father who is unemployed, he is currently sharing a bed with his dad as they can’t afford to buy a bed/mattress or do up his room. Grant awarded by the fund to purchase bed & accessories for new room.

* TM 14 yr old boy on CSO at home, accommodated Feb 20.Mum passed away last year & relationship with dad difficult. TM into music & dance and would love to play an instrument A grant was approved for new clarinet.

* LF on Compulsory Supervision Order with Grandparents since Feb 20 .Shares a bed with grandfather but attic has been floored ready for him to move there.Need funds for bed & accessories.A grant was approved towards the cost.


When we give a grant we ask the recipient for a bit of feedback on what the grant has meant for them. Getting this feedback is one of the nicest things about being involved with the Fund. 

Here are some examples:

*One boy needed to wear glasses and unfortunately this made it too dangerous for him to play rugby. The grant allowed him to get contact lenses and thus to join in with the rugby. Here’s what he said when asked how he felt:

“Amazing – I can see when I’m out and I can see my school work now. I can see the ball and play better. I would like to thank you ...it has made a massive difference in my life”

*A girl who suffered from low self-confidence and social anxiety was going to be the only one in her class not to be able to join a school trip to an activity centre due to low funds. Her Social Worker told us: “(She) fitted in well – because it wasn’t academic she did well. The other children knew (she) didn’t want to do things but she tried and they copied her and she fitted in with everyone, this had a positive impact. (She) knows her mum doesn’t have much money so it felt good to know she didn’t have to pay for the trip”

*A 17 year old girl with a very troubled background was being supported to move out of secure accommodation and was working towards a qualification to allow her to work with animals. Riding equipment and lessons provided a positive focus and allowed her to build confidence. This is what she told us about how she felt about her lessons. 

It’s short but sweet! “Good, felt happy. Thankyou!”

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